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11 March 2021
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25 March 2021

Why MKS trusted Hubshare with their client engagement & data

Moore Kingston Smith (MKS), is a leading multidisciplinary accountancy & business advisory firm based in the UK. With their clients in mind, MKS implemented Hubshare in 2019 as their sole Client Portal integrating with iManage to synchronise specific documents with clients. Together
we have worked to provide their clients with personalised, easy to use portals where they can securely share data, communicate and progress on projects with a end goal of iincreased flexibility, heightened collaboration & top quality client interactions.

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“Any business that doesn’t have a way to share documents or gather information from their clients electronically should only really be considering two things: what system and when are we launching it?

Whilst that’s obviously a bigger technology and business conversation, it’s only a matter of time before all our clients and other business we deal with are demanding for electronic sharing and interactions with each other.

Overall, an increase of security, auditing and compliance ability is increased, and will definitely increase collaboration with your clients and in tern with your end users as well. Most of all your giving your clients the ease of use and hopefully an improved customer experience as that’s really key. Consider your systems integration points and what your internal users want from a portal system as much as your clients to really approach it in the best manner to hopefully deliver it with the best results.”


“If we go back many years at MKS, change was often driven from the top down, but now we see, over the last few years, demand from our end
users to bring in new softwares and services as close to their everyday personal technology. So consumerisation of internal IT systems has
been a really big driver over the past few years. People want technology to be easy and that’s what we as IT leaders have to now have deliver to our people. Pick up and play IT just like in their everyday life, intuitive systems and softwares while still delivering enterprise ability. 

The realisation that work can truly be done from anywhere and at anytime with the same or even better results. The ability to allow more flexibility to your workforce, greater understanding of our people and their well-being has all led to a hug amount of change.”

Niall Doherty, IT Director at MKS


What do your employees and clients want?

Does it have the right intergrations?

Is it flexible and easy to use?

A collaborative and secure file sharing platform that empowers professionals to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. Hubshare maximises your business’s productivity and helps increase client engagement. Developed with the user in mind, Hubshare is a secure digital workplace portal that enhances user and client engagement through collaborative working, secure file-sharing and project management. Hubshare provides clients and internal teams with a branded and customisable portal, helping businesses to stay better connected whilst boosting productivity.

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