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18 July 2019
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Steele Raymond: From email to collaborative platform

Steele Raymond LLP is a UK law firm with a large presence in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas. Having practiced law for around 40 years and recently achieving their 15th consecutive year as a Top Tier firm in the Legal 500 UK Edition, Steele Raymond have proven their excellence in this ever-growing and challenging industry.

The firm’s specialist teams serve business clients across a wide variety of sectors, including large commercial property, residential property, commercial and corporate, dispute resolutions and family employment, and private client ensuring they provide a high quality and personalised service to their clients.

Their rapid expansion has led to the recent opening of their third Bournemouth office to accommodate extra staff, and Steele Raymond knew they needed to invest in the necessary technology to help accommodate and continue to provide clients with high class services.


Before implementing Hubshare, Steele Raymond predominately relied on email and another solution to cater their file-sharing needs, however when preparing for GDPR, it became apparent this did not meet compliancy requirements.

Yvette Moss, IT Director at Steele Raymond, was tasked with upgrading their IT systems to be in line with a modern way of working and to meet such GDPR compliance requirements. 

Not only did the firm want a more secure and permanent way to share files and documents internally and externally, but their clients also wanted a trusted, centralised area where they could view all their files easily, which was especially important for large deals. By doing so they would remove the need for confusing email threads, the threat of losing important files and the possibility of their files being too large to send via email attachments.


Bishop & McKenzie implemented Hubshare in June of 2018 and have predominately been using it to improve their client communications and collaborative working. Users were able to grasp and start using Hubshare almost instantly, meaning workflow was uninterrupted and the lawyers could smoothly transfer existing and new clients onto the platform.

“Compared to many other software programmes we have implemented in the past, this was easily adopted into everyday workflow and user practices. Also, having access to a team that is interested in learning about our business and needs was refreshing; we even had access to the developers to discuss some key integration components,” commented Bailey English, Manager of Training at Bishop & McKenzie.

With Hubshare, Bishop & McKenzie’s clients were able to easily gain the information they required and maintain momentum, even on complex matters. It additionally allowed their lawyers to effectively communicate with their external clients, providing them with 24/7 access to files and documents from wherever they were. Hubshare also provided solutions to the protection of confidentiality and client privacy concernsfaced by Bishop & McKenzie, such as granular rights, permissioning and secure access.


A Property Manager Client of Bishop & McKenzie, with 26 different condo buildings are enjoying the user-friendly interface on Hubshare. They were able to immediately adopt the new software with minimal training at the user end. This meant they could begin sharing files and information to the client and access the necessary information about any of their buildings instantly. As a result, the client didn’t have to repeatedly request for files or documents and wait for access, as it was already available, thus saving the client money and Bishop & McKenzie time that they couldn’t recoup. In short, clients felt better attended to with a much higher level of service, while reducing their overall costs.
Not only did the firm see a positive change in client satisfaction, but they additionally noted a substantial difference in processing and attorney time, “For our Financial Institutions, a funding process that previously took 1.5 hours of attorney time, along with a delay of up to two days, is now done with minimal attorney time and down to next day completion, resulting in a 50% reduction in processing time,” commented Macdonald. This makes Hubshare a irreplaceable addition to their new client engagement process, seeing positive changes, improving client relationships and saving time and money.
“We are excited about the possibilities to do more with Hubshare. It serves client needs across multiple practice areas and we are so impressed with the integration capabilities that our vendors are able to imagine, create and deliver,” said Macdonald. “Hubshare prompts our teams to build innovation into our day-to-day customer service strategies, accelerating our tech adoption on pace with industry”, she finished.


What do your employees and clients want?

Does it have the right intergrations?

Is it flexible and easy to use?

A collaborative and secure file sharing platform that empowers professionals to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. Hubshare maximises your business’s productivity and helps increase client engagement. Developed with the user in mind, Hubshare is a secure digital workplace portal that enhances user and client engagement through collaborative working, secure file-sharing and project management. Hubshare provides clients and internal teams with a branded and customisable portal, helping businesses to stay better connected whilst boosting productivity.

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