Digital Binder – How to Create a Digital Binder?
7 March 2017
Digital Binder- How to Add Annotations and Comments to Documents in Digital Binder
7 March 2017

To personalise your digital binder you can add an images to the front cover and change the colour of your binder and its tabs. To either create your own unique binders, or if you are using it professionally, you can add your business’s branding.

Adding an Image to Your Binder Front Cover

To add an image to the front cover select the binder you want to personalise, and right click the front cover, select Cover > Add…

A pop up box will appear where you can access your documents and find the image you want.

Changing the Colour of Your Binder

In addition to this you can change the colour of your binder, and make changes to its title and description.

On the front cover of your binder, Right Click then select Properties.

A pop up box will appear where you can change the information and colour of your binder.

Click OK.

Changing the Colour of Your Tabs in Your Binder

Select the tab you want to change the colour/name of, Right click > Properties.

Change the colour and name of the tab, the click OK.

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