Digital Binder – How to Share Your Digital Binder
19 April 2017
Sladen Legal Selects Hubshare as Its Collaboration Portal
21 June 2017

To save yourself time you can create and use Digital Binder templates, which will save your binder, its front cover, the table of content, tab colours and all of its content so you can reuse it at anytime.

Creating a Binder Template

Firstly you need to create and personalise a binder so that it can be used as a template.

Next, to save your binder template click File > Save As…

Digital Binder Templates

Then select Save as type: > Binder Template Files (*.bdrt) > Save

Digital Binder Templates

New Binder from Template

To create a Binder from a template, select File > New From Template…

Digital Binder Templates

Then click the folder icon.

Digital Binder Templates

Then select the binder template you want to create your binder from, and click OK.

Digital Binder Templates

Your new empty Binder will then be built, personalised and ready to use.


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